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We want to introduce the joy of Caning to the world. As much as we wish we could it explain it, a CaneVenture needs to be experienced.

Caning is a holiday version of a commonly known activity called flamingo flocking. If you are unsure about what that is, think of the pink flamingos that you might see beside someone’s house. Then think of someone who wakes up in the morning, and finds 10-50 pink flamingos in their yard. They have been FLOCKED. Community organizations such as bands, church groups, sports teams, schools, and other groups like these use flocking as a way to raise funds for their group. So basically, we ripped off the idea, applied what we knew about flocking, and came up with a version that we enjoyed so much more. It’s fun to put flamingos in a yard, but it is just not the same as sticking 100 candy canes in a yard during Christmas time. In fact, sometimes it is even better if you do your campaign during a different time of the year.

In our ebook, we explain our proven system that we have used to raise thousands. In the first year of Caning, we recommend just going out and doing it. However, on the next year you can start developing a build-up before you get started by having auctions for Caning rights, and allowing insurance for people who prefer to have their yard “decorated” differently.

Caning Benefits of CaneVentures

People will see the benefits of Caning when they see what an interactive way it is to inspire people to participate in your campaigns while also bringing a smile to their face (And a story they will enjoy telling others). One recipient remarked how being Caned helped him get to know his neighbors better, because they had to know what was going on in their yard. Another benefit goes to the one’s who are Caning, the CaneVenturers. They develop exciting memories, and they also get the adrenalin-type of rush that happens when they go toilet paper a house. The biggest benefit to that aspect is that the recipient doesn’t have to worry about cleaning it up.

An even bigger benefit is the cost. In comparison, purchasing pink flamingos cost $5-$15 a piece. If you purchase 50 flamingos, it can cost $250-$500 when purchasing in bulk. And if you ever tried to haul around that many of those pink things, then you would know what a pain it can sometimes be to take them from Point A to Point B. Our Canes can be transported easily.

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